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Routines are key in teaching kids responsibility and helping kids become productive adults. Here are three routines for kids to help your family stay on top of daily tasks.

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I’m a believer in routines. I think they’re the key to productivity for you, as a mom, and I also believe they contribute a huge percentage of your child’s future success as an adult. When you have routines in place, the things that need to get done actually get done, and you find yourself with more time and energy to spend on self-care, family fun, and relaxation.

With back-to-school just around the corner, there are 3 routines I like to put in place for my kids to keep our lives running smoothly. While this is part of my Back to School series, these routines can be implemented any time of year!

1. Morning Routine for Kids

What is it about mornings that make them so hard? First you have to get up on time, then you have to get ready, eat breakfast, and make sure you have everything you need before you walk out the door. Multiply this by however many kids you have and it’s insanity!

But with a morning routine in place, after a couple weeks of consistency, kids know what to expect and will start to do things without parents having to hold their hand every step of the way–at least some of the time 🙃. Seriously, most mornings my kid go downstairs and immediately start emptying the dishwasher because they know that’s how it works. It took a bit of work in the beginning, but it’s no longer a daily fight!

My kids’ morning routine looks something like this:

  • Get dressed
  • Do chores
  • Eat breakfast (I do their hair while they eat)
  • Brush teeth
  • Prayer
  • Leave

Having a simple plan in place for both you and your kids will help ensure you get out the door in time more often than not, and ensure you don’t forget anything along the way.

2. After School Routine for Kids

The after school routine is a little tougher because it may vary, depending on the day of the week and any after school activities your kids may have. But if you can have a list of just a few things the kids do when they first walk in the door after school, you can create some habits that will keep your home running smoothly.

After school my kids do the following:

  • Shoes in the shoe bin
  • Backpack on hook
  • Empty lunchbox (extra food that’s spoiled to the trash, food that doesn’t spoil put away, containers in sink, lunchbox in its spot)
  • Water bottle on the counter
  • Wash hands

It looks like a lot of steps, but the whole thing takes less than ten minutes and keeps backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, and other school items from taking over the house.

3. Night Routine for Kids

Having a night routine is perhaps the most important of all the routines. With a good night routine in place, kids will have an easier time falling asleep, mornings will run smoother, and you’ll have more time for family fun.

Our night routine looks as follows:

  • Dinner
  • 5-minute house pick-up
  • Family time
  • Baths/pajamas
  • Prep for the next day (papers signed, clothes out, backpacks packed, etc.)
  • Family scriptures and prayers
  • Brush teeth
  • Bedtime

This routines helps us get in at least a little family time most days, and helps us prepare for the upcoming day. With this routine in place, we wake up to a fairly clean house each morning and have less last minute morning surprises.

The Reality

Our routines don’t always go as planned, but having them in place means that the majority of our days run smoother than they would otherwise (read: not perfect, just better).

What routines do you have in place to keep your life on track?

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