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The Daily Struggle

As a type-A, list obsessed mama with a perfectionist mindset, I’ve had my fair share of moments where I feel like a complete failure–moments where I’m sure I’m failing my husband, my kids, my friends, myself. Through these moments, I’ve learned (and re-learned and will probably continue to re-learn) a lot about loving myself.

Moms, we’ve GOT to love ourselves!

But sometimes it’s hard to see the good we’ve done. While stuck in the day-to-day reality of doing laundry, going to work, and cleaning up spilled Cheerios for what seems like the millionth time, it’s hard to recognize the positive impact we’re making.

And when we’re not seeing the good we do, we lose ourselves. We push ourselves past our limits, we stop taking care of ourselves, we hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations, we questions our decisions, and we find ourselves in a rut. I know. I’ve been there.


A woman looking into the distanceMy Story

Not so long ago, I got caught up in the pressure of life and stopped taking care of myself. I was exhausted and stressed and sick. I felt like I couldn’t make any real progress in my life because I couldn’t even stay on top of my day-to-day tasks. I was a slave to my to-do list. I spent more time yelling at my kids and less time playing with them. I had so many dreams for our life as a family, but no hope that we’d ever reach it.

In short, I was a mess.

When I was about ready to give up, I  decided to get to work instead. And I started with self-love. I read books and saw therapists and spent a lot of time journaling and reflecting. I learned to love me, as I was, right then.

And my life started to change. I started to have hope again. I found confidence I didn’t even realize I was lacking. And I found joy–true joy–in my life and motherhood.


A woman smiling in front of a wallMy Mission

I looked around me and saw so many wonderful women struggling to accept themselves, to get on top of their everyday lives, and to find joy in the everyday. I wasn’t alone in my struggles, but seeing so many incredible women struggling broke my heart.

I was desperate to share what I was learning with other moms. So Color My Happy was born.

I’m passionate about helping women save time, money, and energy by letting go of what they think they should be doing or what it feels like everyone else is doing, and instead stepping into who they are. Here at Color My Happy, I help women get to know who they are, learn to love who they are, and start to be who they are.

I believe that when women step into who they truly are, something magical happens. It’s a superpower. And I want all women everywhere to know, love, and use their superpowers.

I’m still a work in progress–we all are–and I have a long way to go. But I’m a believer in community. So let’s take this journey together. Let’s rediscover our hope, our joy, our passion, and ourselves. Let’s remind ourselves who we are and become the women we know we can be.

Let’s get confident!


Where to Start

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