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Britney is a wife and mom with a passion for helping other women see the good inside of them. She loves podcasts, polka dots, and dancing around the kitchen with her family.
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How to Set Low Pressure Goals This Year

When goals start to feel overwhelming, we’re much less likely to achieve them. Here’s a simple method for setting low pressure goals that help you be who you want to be without all the added stress. Goals have to be very concrete and trackable, right?! If your goals aren’t SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and […] Read more…

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The Role of Self-Love with Goals

Can striving to be better and loving yourself for who you are co-exist? I believe so Here are some tips to keep self-love with goals. It’s officially a new year! We’re back to normal work schedules. Kids are back in school. Life and routines are settling back into their norms. And many of us are […] Read more…

How to Stop Negative Thoughts: 3 Tips for Confidence

How to stop negative thoughts and be nicer to yourself. Check out these 3 tips and grow your self-confidence today! Let’s talk a little bit about that negative voice you probably have taking residence inside your head. You know, the one who likes to tell you you’re not enough or that you messed up or […] Read more…

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Too Much To Do? Try This Hack.

It’s easy to put high expectations on ourselves, then feel frustrated when we can’t keep up. If you’re tired of feeling like you’ve got too much to do and you’re not doing enough, try this hack to help you focus on what you do, rather than on what you don’t. Free printable to help you […] Read more…

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Truths About Self-Love to Increase Confidence

If you need a little pep talk to remind yourself you are enough, read on. Here are 3 truths about self-love to boost your confidence today. I believe that one of the steps to self-confidence is loving who you are. If you don’t love you, you SHOW UP as a person who doesn’t love yourself. […] Read more…

The cover of Horace and Bunwinkle by PJ Gardner featuring a young pig and dog.

Horace & Bunwinkle: The Perfect Family Read-Aloud

Horace and Bunwinkle is an adorable, new middle grade animal mystery series for young readers. Check out my review below. Today is the book birthday for a really awesome young middle grade, Horace and Bunwinkle by PJ Gardner (with illustrations by David Mottram). I’m seriously so excited to talk about this book because I LOVED […] Read more…

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