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The transition from summer to the back to school routine can be a challenge for both parents and kids. Here are 10 products that will help kids ease back into the school year routine.

A kid alarm clock, a container of color bath drops, mini cookie cutters, a brush, a timer, and an echo dot.

Transitioning from summer to the school year can be tough on kids. They’re used to staying up a little later, slow mornings, not having their eating schedule dictated by school bells, and all the free time they want.

So getting kids into the back to school routine can be a challenge for many parents. Here are 10 products for kids that help with the school routine.

Products to Help Kids Get Ready

Wet Brush

The wet brush is seriously a GAME CHANGER! This brush combs out the worst of tangles with very minimal discomfort. If you have kids who complain constantly about having their hair brushed (“OW! That hurts!”), then this brush is for you. We also have the travel size ones to keep in our diaper bag, swim bag, car, etc. for on-the-go brushing!

Crayola Color Bath Dropz

These tablets turn the bath water a fun color! If you have a kid who struggles with wanting to take a bath, these are a great solution. Kids LOVE seeing the bath turn fun colors! In fact, they’ll want to stay and play, which gives you time to sit next to the bath and pay bills, answer emails, or read a book! Double win!

Toothpaste Dispenser

I don’t know about your kids, but mine have the hardest time opening the cap on the toothpaste tube. And even if they do manage to get it open, they put WAYYY too much toothpaste on their toothbrush (while also somehow coating the entire sink in blue paste). This toothpaste dispenser is the perfect solution! It dispenses the toothpaste for them, so you can finish cleaning up breakfast while they brush without worrying about them getting too much toothpaste.

Products to Help Kids with Eating

Animal Fruit & Veggie Cutters

My kids don’t always like to eat their fruits and veggies. Sure, they have their faves that they’ll usually devour, but I also want to help them branch out. Enter these cute veggie cutters. Kids are hard pressed to turn down a new food when it’s shaped like a star or a bunny. It might take a couple extra minutes to prepare their lunch, but if it gets them to actually eat it, it’s a win in my book!

Reusable Cupcake Liners

I love to use these reusable cupcake liners as dividers in my son’s lunchbox. They work great for homemade lunchables (one for crackers, one for sliced cheese, and one for deli meat) or to keep foods separated. Many kids hate having different foods touch each other, and these are a great solution!

Products to Help Kids with Transitions

Visual Timer

This visual timer is super helpful for my son! Young kids have a hard time comprehending, and therefore managing, time. Having this visual representation of the time growing smaller is super helpful. Plus, this one still uses the numbers, so over time, he gained a better understanding of the concept of time. We use this timer to show how much time he has left to play before homework, before we have to leave for an appointment, or until bedtime.

Visual Schedule Magnets

These visual schedule magnets are great for kids who have a hard time transitioning from activity to activity. Post your daily schedule on a whiteboard or the fridge or simply put up activities three or so at a time for kids to see what’s coming next. The pictures are great for nonreaders and kids will learn to love looking at the schedule to see what’s next. This set comes with just about every activity imaginable!

Products to Help Kids with Bedtime

Echo Dot or Echo Kids

Our kids fall asleep much easier if they have something to listen to. One kid prefers music, and the other alternates between books and music. The Echo dot can play kid safe playlists, tell bedtime stories, or connect to Audible or other audiobook apps and play books. We have an Echo or Echo dot in most rooms in our house and they all get used daily!

Sleep Training Clock

These sleep training clocks are a life saver! We used a different brand for our son, but since then, this one has come out with better reviews. We just ordered this one to try with our daughter and can’t wait to get started! This one includes a fun colored light (great to use as a night light) and has a built-in noise machine, which is great to help kiddos fall and stay asleep. Plus, it teaches kids how to tell time and how to use an alarm. Not only is this an alarm clock, but it will also turn a different color once it’s okay for kids to wake-up. So for kiddos who wake up way too early, this is a great way to try to keep them in their rooms until a reasonable hour.

Moonlite Storybook Projector

This thing is seriously so much fun! It takes story time to a whole new level and will help reluctant bedtime goers WANT to go to bed, just to read a story. Basically, you attach a projector to your phone and it displays the pictures on the ceiling. My daughter loves this thing!

Transitioning Back into a Routine

If your kids struggle with routines, these 10 items will help them get back on track and ready to tackle the school year.

What part of the routine is toughest in your household–mornings, meals, after school, or bedtime? Let me know in the comments below.

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