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Want to save time, lower stress, or eliminate pain points in your life? Here are nine Amazon purchases that helped me do just that in 2019.

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In July, I wrote a post about my top ten Amazon purchases so far that year. It was super popular, so I decided to make a part two with my top 9 Amazon purchases in the second half of 2019.

I divided them into two categories: items that helped my motherhood and items that helped the rest of my life.

Amazon Purchases that Helped My Motherhood

Melissa and Doug paper roll dispenser

This paper roll dispenser is so much fun! We got it for our daughter’s birthday and she loves it! Previously, she would constantly ask us for paper to cut or draw or paint. Now she always has easy access to some and create as big or small of a picture as she wants. It keeps her occupied for hours! You can also get additional paper rolls so you’ll never run out places to create!

Visual Timer

We have two visual timers–one for each of our kids–because they’re so helpful! You set the timer, and the red area gets smaller and smaller as the time goes by. It’s a brilliant way to help kids visualize how much time they have left for something.

And they can be used in so many different ways! Set a timer for how long they need to practice piano, how long until dinner, how much screen time they get, how long until you leave for a fun activity, how long you need them to stay quiet while you get some work done, and more!

Even though my son can tell time, he still loves this because it’s still a little hard for him to visualize and keep track of time. This keeps him on top of it.

My kids like to use them to cycle through activities. For instance, if my son knows there’s thirty minutes until bedtime, and he wants to play a game and build with Legos, he might set a fifteen minute timer for one and a fifteen minute timer for the other. That way he makes sure he fits both activities in before he has to go to sleep!

Continuous Spray Bottle

I never thought I’d say a spray bottle changed my life, but this spray bottle has seriously changed my life! I’m not kidding, this thing is amazing! It evenly sprays a fine mist, similar to the way an aerosol can sprays. But you just fill it up with water!

We have one downstairs and one upstairs and it’s been a game changer for taming my kids’ hair in the morning.

Animal Picks

My daughter has become reluctant to trying new foods–especially vegetables. These animal picks help so much! By simply slicing the new food into teeny tiny bites, then giving her one of these to eat with, she’s way more open to trying new things!

It takes very little effort on my part, and she’s becoming a more adventurous eater. It’s the little things with kids that make a lot of difference. Plus, they’re cute and fun!

Animal Cutters

Another thing that’s helped a lot with picky eaters is these animal cutters. Something about making the “scary” food into a fun shape makes kids more apt to try it. It’s the only way I can get my daughter to eat a couple bites of cucumber!

Amazon Purchases that Helped My Life

Two-Tier Countertop Fruit Basket

I used to have a bowl of fruit on my counter. But it was never big enough, so I usually had two bowls. And then it took up a lot of space and visual clutter, which drove me crazy. Then I found this cute, two-tiered fruit basket. It’s short enough that it fits on top of my kitchen counter, but under my cabinets, and tall enough that it has two baskets for fruit. It holds quite a bit and is the perfect size for us!

Kenneth Cole Reaction Hardback Luggage

I’m not sure why it took me so long to switch over to hardback luggage, but I’m sold! Seriously, it’s amazing! I snagged this two-piece set on Prime Day and I love my bright pink luggage! They have lots of colors to choose from as well.

New Knives

I used to think I was really bad at cutting things, then I realized I just didn’t have good knives. I asked for recommendations on Instagram and got a few suggestions for this set. For the price, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try them. And I was blown away! We’ll see if the stand the test of time, but for now, I’m sold!

Book Light

Sometimes I want to stay up reading after my husband goes to sleep. Or I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. But I don’t want to interrupt his sleep by turning on the light, or even the big lamp by my bed.

This book light is the best solution! It clamps right to the book (or kindle) so they light only shines on what you’re reading. Plus, this one has three different brightness settings and is rechargeable!

Amazon Purchases

These 10 Amazon purchases have all either 1) made my life easier, 2) saved me time, 3) saved me stress, or 4) eliminated a pain point in my life.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever purchased from Amazon?

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