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Amazon Prime is an efficient way to do your shopping, and they typically have great prices. Here are the 10 best Amazon purchases I’ve made this year that have been game changers for my life and productivity.

A countertop ice machine, wall magnets, dry shampoo, and a vacuum

I’m a huge Amazon Prime junkie. I mean, it’s the ultimate definition of productivity–ordering something that will save me time, money, or sanity, from my phone, and having it delivered to my door in two days or less? THE BEST!

I’ve ordered more from Amazon this year than I’d like to admit, and here are the 10 best purchases I’ve made:

Kitchen Items

  • Wet Dry Bag for Kitchen Towels: Kitchen towels (hand towels and dish rags alike) get SO stinky. It seriously grosses me out! I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with them until wash day. I liked to keep them in a basket in my laundry room, hidden away where the smell didn’t infiltrate the whole house, but I hated having to walk them over a couple times per day. Lazy, first world problems…I know. But then I found this hanging wet dry bag meant for cloth diapers and decided to give it a try. LIFE SAVER! I hang it right from a kitchen cabinet, it holds in the smell, and then when it’s time to wash, I dump out all the towels AND the wet dry bag and wash them all together! Seriously one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
  • Pebble Ice Machine: Another trouble spot in our kitchen has always been the ice maker attached to our fridge. It rarely works, and when it does, the ice always gets stuck. Sometimes I’d buy bags of ice, but they took up a lot of freezer space and the ice would always get stuck together or freezer burnt. So we mostly got used to going iceless, but it wasn’t ideal–especially when we had friends over. I debated for years about getting a countertop ice machine, and finally bit the bullet. You guys…why did I wait so long?! This thing is AMAZING! It’s super easy to set-up, clean, and makes ice quickly. Plus, the ice is PERFECT. Using distilled water is even better, in my opinion!
  • Water Bottle Holders: The last trouble spot in our kitchen I wanted to tackle was our reusable water bottles. I felt like they were always a disaster, hard to get to, falling over, etc. etc. So I snagged these water bottle holders. We love them! It keeps everything nice and organized and easy to get to.

Household Chore Helps

  • Rechargeable Sweeper: This thing is super quick and easy to use to sweep up after meals, spills, or other messes. Rather than pull out the huge vacuum or the broom and dustpan, just grab this and get going. Is this a necessity? Nope, but I’m super glad I invested in it!
  • Mini Drawstring Trash Bags: You know those small trash can liners? The ones you use for bathrooms or bedrooms or other small trash cans. They drive me crazy! They get full and then you’re trying to tie them up, but your finger keeps getting stuck and then an hour later, you finally give up and just dump them in the big trash, hoping everything doesn’t fly out everywhere. But apparently they make mini drawstring trash bags, just like the kitchen trash bags. Who knew?! I sure didn’t! These are a GAME CHANGER!

Beauty Items

  • Living Proof Dry Shampoo: I’m sort of obsessed with this Living Proof dry shampoo. With other dry shampoos, I have to wash my hair every other day. With this one, I can go 3-4 days. I’m working on training my hair to go longer, but I’m loving this stuff! And this set came with a full size and a travel size dry shampoo, which is perfect for summer trips!
  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Hot Brush: This is a blow-dryer and round brush all-in-one and I love it! I’m hair challenged. Doing my hair has never come naturally to me and I’ve never been able to use a round brush while blow-drying.  But this thing is super easy to use!  I try to air dry my hair when I can, but when I don’t, I love this thing!
  • Heat Resistant Glove: My hair holds curl so much better when I use a wand vs. a curling iron, but I’m really good at burning myself (and terrified of doing so), so I rarely use my wand. I finally invested in a heat resistant glove to use and I’m super glad I did!

Other Purchases

  • Comb Binding Machine: I’m a huge paper girl and love downloading all sorts of planners, ebooks, course workbooks etc. But I definitely get more out of printed version vs. a digital version. I found that getting my items printed and bound at Staples was pretty pricey, so I was using a stapler all too often, and my printed books were getting worn and bent too easily. Then I found this comb binding machine. I’ve made several books in the couple months since I got it and I LOVE them! It’s super easy to use and I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and got it. I purchased plastic combs, clear covers, and black back covers along with it to start my comb binding collection.
  • Good Hangups: These things are AMAZING! They’re a super simple and easy way to hang things up on the wall. These would be great for chore charts, schedules, rotating kids’ artwork, and more. We also like to use them for our 36″x48″ bucket lists and other oversize charts. They hold up super well and are super easy to put up with ZERO damage to the wall!

Best Amazon Purchases

There you have it! Those are my top 10 Amazon purchases this year! What’s been your best Amazon purchase this year?

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  1. I love these items. Good suggestions even tho you weren’t suggesting, ha. Just listing. I am not sure I have a top 10 list. Lol. I like my puzzles, lol.

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