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Best Places to Get Books for Cheap

There are lots of places to get books, and each has its pros and cons. Whether you prefer audiobooks, digital books, or physical books, here are my favorite places to get books for cheap. Reading is one of my favorite things. I’m always reading at least two books (usually more) and can’t go anywhere without […] Read more…

2019 book list

15 Books to Read This Year

If you’re looking for some new ideas, here’s a list of 15 books to read this year, broken up into five different categories. I’m an avid reader. That being said, the past couple years have been my lowest reading years, and I’m already far behind my reading goal this year. For someone who already has […] Read more…

reasons reading is the best

Reasons to Make Reading a Priority

These 6 reasons to make reading a priority will inspire you to make time for books in your everyday life. There are many different reasons to love reading, but these are my favorite! I LOVE reading! Books bring me insane amounts of joy and I’m rarely happier than when I’m in a bookstore. So for […] Read more…

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