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What a Don't List is and Why You Need One--Plus FREE printable!

The Magic of the Don’t List

One night, after the kids were in bed and my night to-dos were completed, I sat down and started a show on Netflix. While my show played, I scrolled through Instagram. When I got bored with Insta, I switched over to Facebook for awhile. Then I went back to Instagram. And then I started in […] Read more…

Sometimes it can feel hard to find joy in your everyday life, but these 6 tips can help!

Finding Joy in Your Everyday Life

A few months ago, I found myself caught in the crazy whirlwind of everyday life. Life felt a little monotonous–the dishes, the diapers, the laundry, the cleaning, the homework help, the swim lessons, the cooking. I was stressed and exhausted and, frankly, wasn’t feeling much joy. Yes, I loved my everyday reality. I loved my […] Read more…

Some toys scattered on the ground

So You Don’t Like Playing with Your Kids

Do you have a hard time sitting down and playing with your kids? You’re not alone. Here are some tips to get you to stop feeling guilty and start spending quality time with the ones you love most. Plus a FREE printable with 50 fun play ideas! Not too long ago, my son walked up […] Read more…

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