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We all get in a bit of a slump sometimes, usually when we’re stressed, lacking energy or motivation, or tired. Here are 9 tips to help you get going when you don’t feel like doing anything at all.

We all get in a bit of a slump sometimes, usually when we're stressed, lacking energy or motivation, or tired. Here are 9 tips to help you get going when you don't feel like doing anything at all.

Sometimes I have a hard time getting myself to do much of anything, usually when I’m overly stressed, under-motivated, lacking energy, or just feeling generally blah. You know what I’m talking about 😉.

Here are 9 things I’ve found that help me get going when I just want to sit on the couch and watch Netflix:

1. Take a nap.

If I’m behind on sleep, my mood and productivity go wayyyyyy down. I really do need my sleep! So if I’m feeling a little out of it, I check how much sleep I’ve gotten lately. And if it’s not enough, I do what I can to get in a nap (and an early bedtime).

As a mom, this can be tough. But it’s okay to put your kids in front of a screen every once in awhile while you take care of yourself. I promise it’s not going to mess them up forever! It’s more important that you get adequate rest, than that they always stay away from screens. Sometimes I put on a movie for my kids and take a nap on the couch next to them while they watch. And we’re all better for it.

2. Get out of the house.

This one is SOOOO hard for me. When I’m feeling blah, the last thing in the world I want to do is get ready, leave the house, and have to interact with other people. But there’s nothing that can turn my mood around quicker than getting out of the house!

Go run some errands, go for a walk, grab a Jamba Juice, browse the aisles of Target, take the kids to the zoo or the park–anything to get out of the house and get your mind on something else!

3. Eat something.

No, this isn’t me telling you to fall prey to emotional eating. Sorry! But if I go too long without food, I can’t focus and just don’t have the energy to function. And oftentimes I don’t even realize I’ve gone hours and hours without eating. I just get in my groove, then all of a sudden, my motivation disappears and I can’t figure out what went wrong 🤷. Until I realize I forgot to eat lunch. Oops!

I’ve found I really need to stay on top of my blood sugar, so if I feel my energy slipping, I think about the last time I ate. Usually it was too long ago. Then I’ll eat something healthy to counteract it.

4. Blast your favorite song.

You know that song you can’t help but dance and shout the lyrics to? Yeah, turn that song on as loud as you want. Yes, blasting it is important! This is my favorite thing to do when I wake up in fog and can’t get myself going.

Yep, when I can tell it’s going to be “one of those days”, I tell Alexa to play Taylor Swift while I get ready, and, more often than not, I find myself smiling, dancing, and singing along at the top of my lungs. This jump starts my day and turns a lazy day into a productive one.

5. Do something hard.

There’s nothing like a confidence boost to help turn your mood around. You know that feeling you get when you successfully do something you thought you’d fail at? Or when you push through fear and force yourself to do something scary? It feels amazing!

Do something that takes bravery, something that scares you. Do something you’re not sure how to do or if you even can do. Try it. Learn. Push yourself. Then reap the benefits.

6. Call a friend.

Calling a trusted friend to chat can really turn a day around.Even if it doesn’t give you a burst of energy, you still spent time connecting with someone you love. So really, you can’t lose here!

Or text a friend and ask her to be your accountability partner for the day. Tell her you’re in a slump, but you have to complete X,Y,Z today, then ask her to check in with you every couple of hours to check your progress. You can do the same for her!

7. Caffeine.

This is probably controversial, but it works. When all else fails, I grab a Dr. Pepper and that always seems to help. It’s probably not a good idea to make this a habit, but sometimes it’s necessary. Like when my kid was up from 1-6 in the middle of the night 🤷.

8. Cross something off your to-do list you’ve been avoiding.

Oh, task avoiding. I’m allllll too guilty of this. When I don’t want to do a task, for whatever reason, it tends to stay on my list for weeks. But once I finally tackle it, it’s like a weight comes off my shoulders. It feels so good!

I love to do this when I’m in a slump because it energizes me and makes me feel so dang good! And if you’re looking for some tips for how to tackle those overwhelming tasks, I talk more about that here.

9. Do something 100% fun.

With your kids, with your spouse, with friends, by yourself. Clear your schedule, let go of your to-do list, and have some honest fun! Often times when I’m in a slump, it’s because I’m super stressed. But usually a lot of my stress is self-induced. So I try to force myself to relax, loosen my expectations for myself, and go out and have some fun. It’s not easy, but it works!

When It’s More than Just A Slump

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. My purpose is to provide resources and information. I cannot be held responsible for the use of any information provided. If you deal with any mental health condition, I advise you to please talk with your doctor or a mental health professional. Any tips shared here have helped me with my own mental health and in my own personal experience, but they are not a substitute for professional advice.

Sometimes a slump is more than just a lack of energy or motivation. Sometimes it’s depression. I’ve been there! Depression is an ugly beast, and if you deal with it, I’m truly sorry. First of all, I want you to know that it’s okay to not be okay. That doesn’t make you less than or change your value or who you are. Please don’t think that for one second!

The tips above may help with a downward spiral or a depressive episode, but they probably won’t get rid of it completely. So please, don’t be afraid to seek help from a professional. Asking for help does not, in any way, make you weak. There is absolutely no shame in taking medication, talking with a therapist, or admitting your struggles. Please get the help that you need! And know you are not alone.


What do you do when you’re in a slump?

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