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Take story time up a notch this October with these five Halloween books for toddlers. These books are short, interactive, and fun–the perfect combo for toddlers!

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! Okay, if I’m being honest all holidays are sort of my favorite holiday because I love the excuse to celebrate, have fun, and make meaningful memories with my family.

But there’s something about Halloween that’s just extra FUN! And my kids love it too! Even the littlest kids get so excited for Halloween. I mean, it probably has something to do with all the candy, but still.

Today I want to share with you 5 awesome Halloween books for toddlers. When finding good books for toddlers, I look for four things. I want books that are:

  • Colorful and/or have fun illustrations
  • Short
  • Fun (interactive books, songs, and repetition are the best!)
  • Bonus points if they teach something in a fun way!

And each of these 5 Halloween books for toddlers hit all or most of the above points!

Here are my five favorite Halloween books for toddlers:

1. 10 Trick-or-Treaters

This book counts down from 10 trick-or-treaters down to none as each child gets scared away. I promise it’s not a scary book though! Your toddlers will have so much fun counting down with you and trying to find which trick-or-treater was scared away and why. Plus, the rhyme scheme on this book is perfect, so it’s fun and easy to read aloud! Definitely a must have for toddlers!

2. The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin

This cute book follows the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” so your toddlers are sure to love it! It tells the story of a little pumpkin who wanders away, gets lost, and finds a little witch who helps him get back home.

3. Spooky Pookie

This is a Sandra Boynton classic! Her books are always so great for toddlers–simple + cute + fun to read aloud = the perfect combo for little ones! This book tells the story of a little pig whose mom tries to help him pick out a Halloween costume. It’s a cute, short read your kids will love!

4. The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

If your kids love “The Wheels on the Bus” as much as mine do, they’re sure to love this unique spin on the traditional song! Filled with cute illustrations, this “spooky” version of the song is so much fun! Plus, it adds the element of counting to the story, which toddlers love in books! Definitely check this one out this season!

5. B is for Boo

First off, I have to mention the illustrations in this book. They’re amazing! They have an old, classic children’s book feel to them and I absolutely love it! This simple books goes through each letter of the alphabet, Halloween style. It’s a fun way to add the ABC’s to this time of year. Plus, it’s a BabyLit book, which are always some of my faves!

Halloween Books are Fun

Halloween books are so much fun and these five books will make story time with your toddlers extra special in October. So pick your fave (or two or three), sit down with your littles, and spend some time reading and singing and counting and cuddling and laughing.

Which book do you think your kids would like the most?

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