I absolutely love holidays! But sometimes they can be a bit stressful, especially when trying to narrow in on my holiday priorities.

There are just so many traditions and activities I want to experience with my family! Add in the pressure of social media and all the crafts, traditions, activities, gifts, outfits, decorations, foods, and experiences it seems like everyone else is doing and it can be overwhelming!

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The Real Reason for Holidays

But that’s not the point of holidays. The point is to focus on the reason we celebrate in the first place, plus have some fun and create memories with those we love!

That’s why I created the FREE Find Your Holiday Priorities guide.

*Note: This guide can be used for any holiday–Easter, Halloween, Christmas, the 4th of July, Hanukkah, St. Patrick’s Day–just pick a holiday and get started!

Find Your Holiday Priorities Printable

This printable is meant to help you narrow in on what’s most important to you and your family at each holiday, then let go of the rest so you can truly enjoy this special time.

We don’t need to do ALL THE THINGGSSSS.

In fact, it’s okay if it seems like everyone around you is doing XYZ and you’re not. Maybe it’s not all that important to you, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Besides, I can almost guarantee that not everyone is doing it. That’s just the lie social media helps you to believe.

So if you’re ready to figure out YOUR true priorities this holiday, sign up to get your FREE Holiday Priorities guide below!

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