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Learning how to show love to the important people in your life is an important skill to have, but sometimes our kids need a little direction–especially when it comes to showing love for their siblings. Take the I Love You Family Challenge and start teaching your kids how to show love for each other. Free printable included to help you get started.

A kids hands creating a heart shape

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to teach kids how to show love for those around them. Let’s be honest, any time is a great time to teach kids to share and spread love to the important people in their lives!

Kids are naturally pretty good at showing love, but sometimes they struggle the most with the ones who are the most important–their siblings. This is a great activity to help siblings grow closer together and to remind them that despite all the fighting and annoyances, they really do love each other.

I Love You Family Challenge

I created this free printable for you to use to help encourage your kids to show love for each other.

A printable family love challenge for kids

You can download it here or by clicking on the image above.

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Draw names and have each kid show love for one sibling.
  2. Have each kid do a page for each sibling.
  3. Spread the challenge over a month or so, switching siblings each week.
  4. Have your kids choose a sibling for each category.

You know your family best, so do what you think will work best for your kids.

I Love You Categories

Use the worksheet to help your kids brainstorm ideas, then have them circle the one (or ones) they want to carry out during the week.

I love _____ because:

Have them write down reasons they love this person. This does two things:

  1. It helps them realize they do love their sibling and come up with specific things they do that they admire.
  2. Gives them a list of ways to compliment that sibling throughout the week.

They could even write a love note!

I can serve _____ by:

This is the perfect spot for them to list ways to serve. Service is such an important thing to teach our kids, and the younger we start, the more likely it is to be a big part of their lives. Could they do their chores for them? Help them with homework? Read stories to them? Paint their nails? Guide their thoughts, but also let them come up with their own. Kids are super creative!

I can give _____:

This doesn’t have to cost money! It can easily be a homemade gift. Or you could take the kids to the Dollar Store and have them all pick one or two things they think their sibling would really love.

 ______ likes to:

Have your child brainstorm some things their sibling loves to do. Is there a way they could be a part of it? Can they do that thing with them? Or ask them about it? Or encourage it in some way? Being involved in the things your loved ones love to do breeds connection, which strengthens the bond, which increases love.

Activity for the Whole Family

This activity is a great way to connect as a family and strengthen love for one another. And this doesn’t just have to be for the kids. Parents can get involved too!

How do your kids show love for one another?

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