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I am a Cat by Galia Bernstein is the cutest story about a house cat and a group of wild cats. This adorable story also helps open the door for parents to teach the concept of similarities and differences to their kids. Download your free printable below and try this activity out with your kids.

The book I Am A Cat with a printable activity worksheet on top of a picture of two kids filling out the worksheet

I first read I am a Cat by Galia Bernstein a couple months ago and loved it from the first page. The message in this book is SO SO Important, and it’s something I’m a huge believer in. It follows the story of a house cat, surrounded by various types of wild cats. The wild cats won’t accept the house cat as a cat because he’s different than them. But then the cat brings up all the ways he’s the same and they realize that he’s a cat just like them.

It’s seriously such a cute story! It’s the perfect way to teach kids that what makes them unique and different is special, but the things that make us all the same are important too. What a great principle to teach our kids!

If you haven’t read this book yet, you need to! You and your kids will both love it.

While I was reading, my wheels were turning and I was already thinking up ideas to make this part of Simple Fun with Books and add to the fun and learning with my kids.


This activity is great for various age groups. It’s a venn diagram that shows similarities and differences between people. Have your kid choose a person (family member, friend, etc.), then either write (for older kids) or draw (for younger kids) what’s unique about them, what’s unique about the other person, and in the middle, what’s the same.

My kids chose to do each other and it was so cute to watch them come up with ideas for what’s the same and different about them! They loved this activity! My son was so excited when I told him about it and begged constantly to fill out the diagram until it was finally done and ready.

For some kids, this will be their first exposure to a venn diagram, so that makes this extra special! You get to teach them all about how they work. For others, they’ll be familiar with them already.


Download your free printable diagram sheet here or click on the image below.

A Venn diagram activity worksheet

You can print one copy per kid, or have them choose multiple people and fill out multiple copies. You could even extend it out over a week and have them choose a new person each day, then hang them on the wall and look them over as a whole and see how the various relationships differ–friends, siblings, parents, teachers, dance friends, church leaders, etc.

Bonding Time

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: reading books with your kids is one of the best ways to bond! It teaches, promotes snuggles, gets imaginations going, and brings up a whole lot of emotions. Extending the reading time through activities is another way to keep that positive momentum going and–bonus: to create a love of books in your child.

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Have you read I am a Cat yet?

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