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I often hear adults say, “I want to read more, but I just don’t like reading.” But I believe a lot more people would like to read if they got rid of some long held beliefs about it. In this post, I debunk a few of the biggest myths about reading and share how to get yourself to read more. With these tips, you may even learn to like reading.

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I absolutely love reading. I have ever since I was a little girl. But for a lot of people, reading is difficult. They don’t like it or it’s just not their thing.

While that’s fine and good–not everyone needs to like reading–I know there are lots of people out there who want to like reading, they just don’t. And here’s my controversial thought: if you think you don’t like reading, you’re just looking at it wrong.

I know, I know…that’s a lot for me to assume, but hear me out. Books are AMAZING. They’re an escape from reality. They’re a source of knowledge. They bring out emotion and thought and experience in a beautiful way. Books transport us to different times and worlds and adventures. There are SO many different different things to read out there, and I believe there is something for everyone.

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Here are 3 thoughts I think we need to challenge when deciding whether or not we like reading:

1. Reading is boring.

For a lot of adults, the only reading they’ve actually done was when they were in school (or any reading they’ve had to do for work). Well, no wonder they don’t like reading! For them, reading is something they have to do.

They’re forced to read certain things about certain subjects that they don’t even get to choose. Plus, it has to be done by a certain time and is usually connected to some other project (report, presentation, exam) they don’t want to do.

If this sounds like your experience with reading, it’s no wonder you don’t like it. Reading is connected in your brain to negative thoughts and emotions, therefore making reading a negative thing for you. But if you sat down with a book you picked out about something you were truly interested in, with no time limit or task attached to it, you might surprise yourself and actually like it.

2. I don’t like any of the books out there.

There is something out there for everyone. I promise! What are you really interested in? What are you passionate about? A sport, a time period, a country. Try reading about that.

For fiction, try a different genre—or even a different age group. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to read adult fiction only. Young adult books are so fun! They’re the ultimate escape, immersing yourself in a character whose biggest worries are getting a date to prom or making it home in time for curfew.

Or try books for kids. I believe that some of the best literature in the world is written for kids. I LOVE middle grade books and a huge chunk of my favorite reads are written for kids 8-14. Seriously, if you haven’t given middle grade a try, do it!

Or maybe books aren’t your thing. Maybe it’s hard for you to stick with something that long. What about magazines? Or short stories? Or a book with one-page chapters where you can easily read a few paragraphs per session and not feel overwhelmed.

Challenge what you consider “reading material” and watch the doors open up for you! Try a bunch of different type of books until you find a type you do like. And if you start a book and hate it, don’t make yourself finish it. Just toss it aside and try something new!

3. Reading is hard.

This one is tough because for some people this is absolutely true! Some people struggle with dyslexia or ADD or memory or brain fog or a host of other issues and those bring difficulties. Or maybe you’re just exhausted from everyday life. I get it. Adulting is hard. Parenting is hard. By the time my kids get in bed, I’m done. My brain doesn’t want to have to THINK anymore.

But this doesn’t mean reading is out. Try audiobooks. Audiobooks are awesome and open up a bunch of opportunities for us to delve into the world of books. There are lots of free resources with audiobooks or you can buy them or use a subscription service like Audible as well.

And guess what? Listening to books still counts as reading! So if reading is hard for you, don’t give up! You can still gain all the benefits of reading.

Challenge Your Thoughts

If you think you don’t like reading, take a look at what you’ve read in the past or what causes you to not like reading, then challenge it. Try something new. Experiment. I think you’ll find that you like reading a whole lot more than you thought. Trust me, there are plenty of reasons to love reading.

What’s the biggest difficulty you have with reading? Let me know in the comments below.

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