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As moms, we’re pretty good at showing love to the people around us, but often times we forget to show love to ourselves. Sometimes we’re not even sure we do love ourselves. If you’ve ever felt a little self-doubt, this challenge is for you. Join the Boost Your Confidence: 5 Days of Self-Love Challenge and watch your self-image grow!

A woman in a dress in the desert looking off into the distance

A woman in the desert holds her dress as she looks into the distance

As moms, we’re usually pretty good at showing the people around us that we love them–our kids, parents, spouse, friends, siblings, etc. But in the midst of showing those around us how much we care, we often forget to remind ourselves of our love.

And reminding ourselves is perhaps the most important of all. Think about it: the people around you probably already know how much you love them.

Your kids know it because you make them food, tuck them in, cuddle them when they’re sick, and have tickle fights. Your spouse knows it because you massage his back after a long day at work, kiss him when he gets home, and make his favorite meal. Your friends and parents and siblings know how much you love them because of your day to day actions.

But do you know how much you love you?

Self-Love is Forgotten

I think a lot of us have forgotten. Many of us aren’t even sure if we DO love ourselves. Sadly, some of us are sure we don’t.It’s about time we change that!

I would love for every woman (actually every person!) out there to really, truly love themselves!

I wish I could give that self-love to everyone, but I can’t. But what I can do is extend a challenge. Let’s challenge ourselves to learn and remember what we love about us. Let’s stop this cycle of self-deprecation and focusing on our flaws. Let’s learn to really love ourselves. We’re worth it!

5 Day Self-Love Challenge

I created the 5-day Self-Love Challenge for the mom who sometimes wonders if she’s enough. It’s for the woman who’s struggling to feel that spark of self-acceptance. Or for that person who usually has a high self-esteem, but every once awhile, feels a little unsure of her worth.

This challenge is for everyone.

As soon as you sign-up for the challenge, you’ll be emailed a brief introduction. Then, each day for the next five days, you’ll be sent a short challenge that will help you feel more compassion and love for yourself.

Are you In?

Are you ready to feel a little more love and kindness for yourself? Are you ready to end the nit-picking and fault finding that goes on in your head? Are you ready to look in the mirror and smile because you really love the woman staring back at you?

I know I am! So let’s do this. Who’s with me? 🙋 You can sign-up on the form below, or head to this page for more info.

**If you don’t receive an email within an hour of signing up, check your spam folder!

If you’re joining in on the challenge, pin it on Pinterest so more people can join too!

A woman in a dress in the desert with her hand on her hip










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