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Having an exciting & energizing morning routine in place produces maximum productivity, success, and happiness.

Waking up in the morning can be tough. Who wants to leave their warm bed to start working, cleaning, cooking, etc.? Turns out, the secret to jumping out of bed in the morning has to do with your morning routine.

I have the hardest time getting up in the morning. In fact, I hate getting up in the morning. I love staying curled up under the warm covers, all comfy and snuggly. Or cuddling with my husband. Or having the kids come in our bed for morning snuggles.

Because mornings are so tough for me, I’ve always thought I was a night owl. I mean, I love staying up late and it’s hard for me to go to bed at night, so that means I’m a night owl, right?

Recently I heard someone speak about and something she said really stuck out to me. She mentioned that whether you’re a morning lark or a night owl is determined by when you’re most pumped or able to work on a dreaded task.

The Truth of Night Owl vs. Morning Lark

When I heard this, something in my mind clicked. I thought about myself for a moment. Once I finally drag myself out of bed in the morning, I feel good. I’m most ready to tackle things like laundry, decluttering, or that thing I’ve been putting off for months. In fact, I always tell my husband that I wish there were more hours from 8-10am because that’s when I’m most productive.

Whether you like to stay up late or not does not determine if you’re a night owl. When you’re most productive does.

I mean, duh, right? It only makes sense.

And here I was thinking I was a night owl because I like staying up late! But let’s face it–nothing productive is happening during those night hours. Sure, maybe I’m getting some mindless tasks done, but nothing that really requires a ton of effort. Usually I’m scrolling through social media, watching tv, or browsing YouTube.

Unpopular Opinion: Most People are Morning Larks

With this knowledge in place, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people aren’t night owls. Sure, there are some people out there who really thrive at night. But most of us are ready to plop down on the couch after a long day. We’re pretty much useless after 8pm. The kids go to bed and it’s time to binge on Netflix while scrolling mindlessly through Instagram.

Then we stay up too late, go to bed way past our bedtime, and have a hard time waking up in the morning. So we assume we’re night owls. But once we’re up and going, we feel good and are able to tackle our to-do list for a few hours.

So what are we, really?

I’m going to suggest that most of us are actually morning larks. We just need to go to bed on time and have a good morning routine in place that helps us feel energized and excited to get out of bed.

The Trick to Getting Out of Bed

If we have something to look forward to in the morning, it’ll be that much easier to force ourselves to get out of our warm, comfy bed and put effort into making life happen. I mean, let’s face it, it sounds way more appealing to stay in the bed than to get up and wash dishes, do laundry, go to work, argue with our kids about going to school, or cook a breakfast that everyone is barely going to nibble at.

But if we fill our early morning with something fun, something that makes us happy, something that gives us energy and drive? Then we’ll be excited to get up and conquer our day, best utilizing our prime productivity hours. And when we’re productive, we accomplish things. And when we accomplish things, we feel happier. It’s an overall win-win.

So what do you love? What’s something you’d get out of bed for each morning?

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Waking up in the morning can be tough. Who wants to leave their warm bed to start working, cleaning, cooking, etc.? Turns out, the secret to jumping out of bed in the morning has to do with your morning routine.


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