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A pineapple wearing sungasses, a shoe with a pineapple design, and  a watermelon shaped bag.

What Our Summer Routine Looks Like

Having a flexible summer schedule helps keep us happy and productive, while still leaving plenty of time for fun. Read on to see what our summer routine looks like. Summer is a time of fun and freedom and relaxation. But I’ve also learned that my little family does much better when we have some sort […] Read more…

A woman reading a book.

How to Make Reading a Habit

Reading is great, but it can be really hard to find the time and fit it in to your everyday life. Here are 7 tips to help you make reading a habit. One of the questions I get asked most is how I find so much time to read. First of all, I’m a firm […] Read more…

Goggles, a can of dry shampoo, a silicone straw, spray bottle, and a wireless earphone case.

9 Must Buy Products for Summer 2020

Summer is here, and we’re ready for it! These 9 must buy products for summer 2020 are getting me through this season at home. Summer is here! We’ve made it halfway through 2020 (a bigger accomplishment than we ever thought possible back in January)…and now we’re just trying to stay healthy, sane, and make it […] Read more…

5 books sitting on a countertop

10 Five Star Books from 2020

There are so many good books out there, it’s hard to choose what to read. Read on for a list of 10 five-star books I’ve read so far in 2020. So far this year I’ve read 46 books. My goal is 104, or two books a week, so I’m a few books behind schedule, but […] Read more…

Flowers in shades of pink arranged on a pink background

3 Steps to Grow Your Confidence in Who You Are

Confidence in who you are comes from three things: knowing who you are, being who you are, and loving who you are. Read on to learn more about confidence and how to get a step-by-step plan to grow your confidence today! Confidence doesn’t always come easy. Some people are more naturally confident than others, but […] Read more…

A small notebook with some pencils on it, a jewelry box, and some flowers arranged on a white background

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Sometimes it’s hard to love who you are when there are so many incredible people in the world. Here are 3 tips for how to stop comparing yourself to others, plus a free workbook with 7 ways to feel more confident. I’m writing this during the quarantine period of COVID-19, and I feel like this […] Read more…

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