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Our words are powerful! With that knowledge in place, we can use affirmations to improve our days. Follow this six-step process to create your own personalized affirmations and watch your life change.

ur words are powerful! With that knowledge in place, we can use affirmations to improve our days. Follow this six-step process to create your own personalized affirmations and watch your life change.

I’m a huge believer in affirmations. I really started using them after reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and they’ve changed my life. I notice a HUGE difference on the days that I use them vs. when I don’t. If you haven’t tried them yet, you need to!

I’l admit that I thought they sounded weird at first. Like how is something I say to myself really going to change the course of my day or life? But OH BOY does it work! Words have SO MUCH POWER.

Personalized Affirmations

Most likely, the affirmations you’ve heard of are quick, short statements like, “I am strong. I am enough. I am beautiful.” And while these are great and I totally use them, I like having personalized affirmations that are specific for me and what I want in my life. I have a two-sided sheet of paper with my own personalized affirmations that I try to read every morning. Every few months or so, I update them with any new struggles or life changes.

So how do you write your own personalized affirmations? Follow these six steps:

Step One: Make a list of what’s important to you.

These can be roles you play, traits you value, or things you need in your life. My categories are:

  • Family
  • Self-Love
  • Health
  • Gospel/Faith
  • Home
  • Fulfillment
  • Writing
  • Blog
  • Service
  • Perfectionism

Think about your everyday life: at the end of the day, what is really important to you? What do you really need? What do you struggle with?

Step Two: For each category, write your truth.

What do you know to be true about that thing? Or rather, what do you wish you knew? What’s the ideal you’re aiming for in that category? Write it out as if it’s fact. Use phrases like, “I am,” “I will,” “I can,” “I do,” “I know.”

Here are a couple of examples from my affirmations:

Home: I recognize that I have more peace in an uncluttered and organized home, so I will dedicate time to keeping a house of order. That being said, I won’t let my obsession rule me. I will limit my spending and really think through purchases, noting where I will put things before I buy them. I will remember that we live in the house and accept that it won’t be perfect–and that’s okay. I won’t be ashamed of those imperfections and will let the unimportant things go.

Self-Love: I am a strong, smart, beautiful, amazing daughter of God. I am surrounded by people who love and care about me and I am deserving of that love. I am enough, as I am, right now. I will not talk bad about myself. I will learn from my mistakes, not beat myself up over them. I will see the good that’s inside of me.

I like to highlight important words and phrases by underlining, highlighting, or changing the color. This adds emphasis and helps me narrow in on the most important parts.

Step Three: Write out a short mission statement.

For me, I label this my purpose. Why are you here? What do you feel you’re called to do in this life? THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ANYTHING BIG. Raising your kids is enough! I promise. But write it out in a way that is meaningful to you. This will go toward the beginning of your affirmations.

Step Four: List your top goals.

I like to include my top life goals on this list. These aren’t my specific goals that I set for the year. I track those elsewhere (and write them out daily as part of my journaling routine). But rather I put my overarching focuses. These are:

  1. Love yourself
  2. Love others
  3. Listen to your body
  4. Inspire others
  5. Work hard, play hard

What do you find important in life? What are you constantly striving for, or working to keep a part of your life? List those things here.

Step Five: Write out the purpose of these affirmations.

What do these affirmations mean to you? How will they change your life? Why are you saying them? Write it out as your concluding statement.

Step Six: Put the sections in logical order.

Look at all the information you have and organize it in a way that makes sense to you.

Here is the order I put my affirmations in:

  • Heading that says, “FAMILY IS EVERYTHING” in big, bold letters
  • Paragraph about my family
  • Top goals
  • Mission statement
  • The rest of my categories. I don’t necessarily put them in order of importance. I weigh things like how important it is, how much I’m struggling with it, and how each category builds upon the next (for instance, the more self-love I have, the better I am at taking care of my physical health, the more energy I have to devote to the most important things in my life).
  • Closing paragraph that states the purpose of these affirmations and how they will help me create the life of my dreams.


I suggest typing these out, printing them, and putting them somewhere you can read them everyday. Or store them on your phone. I’m a visual person, so I like to use a different, cute font for each section and play with colors, sizes, etc. It makes it fun and exciting and adds a little something for me.

Do what works for you and watch your life change!

Do you use daily affirmations? Let me know how you make them a part of your life below!

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