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Spring lends itself well to fun and colorful hands-on project for kids. This simple rainbow activity for kids helps teach the message of hope that rainbows convey. Read on to see how your kids can plant a rainbow and learn that no matter what life throws at us, there will always be some spark of happiness waiting on the other side.

A painted rainbow

Spring! It’s the time of flowers, rain, and, my favorite, rainbows! I live in Arizona, where we don’t get much rain, but when we do, I always look for that rainbow.

I’m a huge lover of colors (obviously), so I’m naturally drawn to rainbows. But what I love even more is the message they convey–a message of hope, triumph, and that no matter what life throws at us, there will always be some spark of happiness waiting for us on the other side, no matter how transparent or short-lived it may be. There is always something good to find in life!

Rainbow Activity

With my love of rainbows, I wanted to create a fun–but super quick and easy–rainbow activity for my kids for spring and St. Patrick’s Day.

I wanted something that my kids would love and that would open up the door to talking to them about the message of rainbows and what they mean to me.

If I could create a fun activity for them to get excited about that ended with something yummy for them to munch on, that would give me the opportunity to talk to them while their hands and mouths were happily occupied.

Plant a Rainbow

And that’s when I had the idea to plant a rainbow. This also helps spark some imagination and magic for little ones, which I loved to see in my daughter. She was so excited to plant a rainbow and the way her little face lit up when she saw a rainbow had grown in her cup was priceless! Such a fun activity!



  1. Mash up the Oreos to create soil. I like to use a blender for this.
  2. Have each kid put a little bit of “soil” into their cup.
  3. Then have them plant their “seeds” (Skittles).
  4. They can pour a little soil on top to help bury them more if they want.
  5. Finally, place the cup in a window for it to receive some sunlight.
  6. When they’re in bed that night, cut an AirHeads Extremes candy belt (I cut mine to about 2/3 the original length) and place it in the cup in the shape of a rainbow.
  7. Enjoy the excitement on your kids’ faces when they see their new “plant”!
  8. Allow your kids to eat their treat while you discuss rainbows.

An Easy Meaningful Activity

I’m all about quick and easy, and I’m even more about meaningful activities that serve the purposes of having fun, teaching my kids, and strengthening our relationship. So this was the perfect activity for us!

If you try it out, I’d love to see how it went or hear your experiences, so if you share about it on social media, tag me in it by using @colormyhappy or email me.

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