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Do you ever question if you’re good enough?
Do you often wonder what it is about you that makes you special?
Do you sometimes doubt if you even like yourself, let alone love yourself?
Do you worry that you’re not modeling a healthy self-image for your kids?
Then this 5 day self-love challenge is for you!
As moms, we're pretty good at showing love to the people around us, but often times we forget to show love to ourselves. Sometimes we're not even sure we do love ourselves. If you've ever felt a little self-doubt, this challenge is for you. Join the 5-Day Self-Love Challenge and watch your self-image grow!

Here’s what you’ll learn during this challenge:

  • How to see the good inside of you.
  • How to turn your perceived faults and flaws into things you’re grateful for.
  • How to treat yourself with love and compassion, the way you would your daughter.
  • How to keep loving yourself after the challenge is over.
  • Habits to adopt that will keep your self-love growing each and every day.
Are you ready to feel la little more love and kindness for yourself? Are you ready to end the nit-picking and fault finding that goes on in your head? Are you ready to look in the mirror and smile because you really love the woman staring back at you? 
I know I am! So let’s do this. Who’s with me? Let’s replace our self-doubt with self-love and choose to see the good within us. 

Sign-up below and start yourself on a a path to self-love.


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