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Goggles, a can of dry shampoo, a silicone straw, spray bottle, and a wireless earphone case.

9 Must Buy Products for Summer 2020

Summer is here, and we’re ready for it! These 9 must buy products for summer 2020 are getting me through this season at home. Summer is here! We’ve made it halfway through 2020 (a bigger accomplishment than we ever thought possible back in January)…and now we’re just trying to stay healthy, sane, and make it […] Read more…

Best Amazon Purchases of 2019

Want to save time, lower stress, or eliminate pain points in your life? Here are nine Amazon purchases that helped me do just that in 2019. In July, I wrote a post about my top ten Amazon purchases so far that year. It was super popular, so I decided to make a part two with […] Read more…