When we feel gratitude, it's hard to think negatively. It turns what we have into something amazing. So it only makes sense that in order to get rid of hurtful, unkind, bitter thoughts, we have to feel gratitude instead.

Gratitude Flips: A Hack to Increase Self-Love

Turning the things we don’t like about ourselves into things we’re grateful for with gratitude flips. Oftentimes I find myself falling into this trap of listing all the things I don’t like about myself or that I’m angry about. “I wish my stomach were flatter.” “Why is it so hard for my hair to hold […] Read more…

Getting kids to feel gratitude (especially AFTER Thanksgiving) can be tricky, but here are some games and activities to help your kids feel gratitude all year round.

How to Help Kids Feel Gratitude

Thanksgiving is this week, so naturally I’ve got gratitude on my mind. It’s pretty easy this time of year to focus on my blessings rather than what I lack. It’s also pretty easy to talk to my kids about gratitude and to ask them what they’re grateful for. In fact, they often times bring it […] Read more…