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Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite activities. They provide entertainment and knowledge, all while I’m being productive and getting stuff done. Here are the 7 best podcasts and why you should give them a listen.

best podcasts for moms

I love podcasts! Okay, that’s totally an understatement. I’m obsessed with podcasts! I find it hard to turn them off in order to sit and write blog posts. I want to keep them going (but listening and writing at the same time just doesn’t work out that well).

Just like my overflowing books to-read pile, my podcasts to-listen to list is so long I’ll never be able to catch up! And I’m always adding new podcasts to my list.

Why Podcasts Rock

Podcasts are a great way to get inspired and learn something new, all while accomplishing something else. It’s multi-tasking that actually works (unless you’re trying to write). But what else could you do while doing the dishes or cooking or driving kids to soccer practice or folding laundry? Not much

And while I’m all for a little show on Netflix or having a chat with your kids while you drive, sometimes listening to a podcast is a great choice!

My Top 7 Current Favorite Podcasts

Live Free Creative

Miranda Anderson, the host of Live Free Creative, is a calm, collected powerhouse. She seems to do so much, and yet you can tell she honestly lives a really intentional lifestyle. She’s all about minimalism and creativity and being present. I feel like we’re very different personality-wise, and I think that’s why I love listening to her so much! She inspires me to bring some of these very-different-for-me aspects into my life. And I LOVE her calm, happy voice!

The Purpose Show

Allie Cassazza of The Purpose Show is full of wisdom and knowledge. Her main focus is helping moms get control of the clutter in their lives so they have more time to focus on what’s really important. And she’s amazing at sharing that knowledge! I’m so inspired by her and get giddy every time a new episode drops.

Better Than Happy

Jody Moore isn’t afraid to say it like it is. She’s a life coach and focuses a lot on our own thoughts and how we’re in control of them. Some of what she says is hard to hear at first–it’s hard to accept that we’re in control of how we feel! But man is this podcast good. Life changing, I might even say. This is a must-listen!!

3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

Rachel Nielson has the best set-up for her podcast. I very rarely enjoy interview style podcasts–I’m all about finding a host I love, then hearing her talk every week. But I actually love Rachel’s interviews! Each episode clocks in at around 30 minutes (and I listen to all my podcasts at 2x speed, so it’s really about 15 minutes for me) and lists 3 simple steps you can act on immediately to implement the topic into your daily life. It’s brilliant! She always does a quick recap of the 3 things at the end, and you can even sign up for her newsletter where she’ll send you a list of all the tips every month or so. I LOVE the actionable aspect of this podcast!

Awesome with Alison

If you follow Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show on social media at all, you know she has a big personality. And I LOVE that! She delivers deep information in a fun and memorable way. I’m a huge fan of Alison and buy pretty much every product she puts out there pretty much the minute it releases. And with her podcast, you get to witness all her wisdom and FUN for FREE!

Goal Digger: The Podcast

This recommendation is for all my business babes out there. Jenna Kutcher is a wealth of knowledge and is so willing to share that knowledge with others. I LOVE following her on social media. She’s a bright light in this world and her business savvy is amazing. I’ve learned SO much from her podcast!! But probably my favorite thing about her podcast is her. You can actually HEAR her smile when she talks. She’s so unbelievably passionate about what she does and that definitely comes across in her podcast. If you’ve got any sort of business, or one day want to, you’ve gotta give Goal Digger a listen!

About Progress

Monica Packer is one of those people I instantly fell in love with as soon as I found her. I’m not sure if I heard her podcast or found her Instagram first, but I love both. She’s just REAL and HONEST and OPEN. She talks all about progress, not perfection, and opens up about her struggles with perfectionism in a way I haven’t seen before. Her podcast is in interview style (most of the time), but I love it anyway because she’s the best host, has some amazing people on the show, covers topics we all need to hear, and is an interview pro.

What Are You Waiting For?

So if you have yet to give a podcast a listen, what are you waiting for? Download an app and get listening! There’s no excuse for not having enough time for this one!

What’s your favorite podcast? Let me know in the comments below!


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