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The M&M pizza apology from The Princess Diaries is a memorable scene. Make it your own family memory by making personal M&M pizzas for Family Movie Night.

Princess Diaries Activity

It’s time for another Family Movie Fun, and this time we’re talking The Princess Diaries. I loved this movie as a tween! It’s pretty cheesy, but also really fun.

I was surprised by how much my kids liked this movie! They sat through the entire thing.

One of the scenes that’s always stuck out the most to me from this movie was the part where Mia has a pizza delivered to Michael with M&Ms on top that spell out “sorry.”

I mean, M&Ms on pizza?! I can’t decide if that’s brilliant or disgusting. But I do know that kids find it awesome.

Movie Activity

So, naturally, when it came time to choose an activity to accompany this movie, I was drawn to the idea of pizza and M&Ms. But I wanted (or rather needed) it to be ultra-simple–so simple my kids wouldn’t lose interest before it was done.

So I had them each create their own little pizzas using English muffins. You could also use tortillas or flat bread.


  • English muffins
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Mini M&Ms


  1. Lay everything out, so when you call your kids in, it’s all ready to go.
  2. Instruct your kids to spread pizza sauce on their English muffin. Assist as necessary.
  3. Have your kids sprinkle some cheese on top of the pizza sauce.
  4. Place the pizzas on a cookie sheet, then broil in the oven. I did a few minutes on low, then switched to high for the last minute or so to really melt that cheese!
  5. Let them cool down.
  6. Allow your kids to “decorate” their pizza with mini M&Ms. They can spell out a message (my son did this) or simply arrange them how they wish.
  7. Enjoy!

My kids didn’t really like the M&Ms on the pizza, but they LOVED the activity. They had a blast and both thanked me over and over again for such a fun activity!

Family Movie Night

So the next time you’re looking for a fun family movie night, pull out The Princess Diaries and make some M&M pizzas! It’ll be a fun night to remember!

Have you ever tried M&Ms on pizza?

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