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Valentine’s Day books are a great way to teach kids to let the important people in their lives know how much they matter. But good Valentine’s Day books can be hard to find, so here’s a list of 12 cute ones to start your collection.

A stack of Valentines Day picture books

I love Valentine’s Day! I love sharing love and lifting others up and reflecting on all the ways the people are me make my life better!

And I love teaching my kids to do the same. I love sharing with them the importance of telling the people in our lives that they matter and of making them feel loved and important.

Books are one of my favorite tools to use to teach because I love books! And reading to my kids is the best way to spend time, in my opinion 😉. Cuddles + words + cute pictures + hearing their thoughts and ideas + watching them learn = yeah, definitely the best!

But it seems like the selection of Valentine’s Day books is pretty slim. With the holiday coming up, I put together a list of 12 quality Valentine’s Day books, so you can read the best and skip the rest!

1. Love is by Diane Adams

I LOVED this story! It follows a girl and her pet bird, sharing all about what love is. The love between the girl and her bird is very reminiscent of a mother and her child. I thought it was a very cute and unique way to illustrate to kids just how much their parents love them and the things they do for them.

2. Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

This story is about a boy who loves to hug and always has enough energy left for one last hug–especially for his mom!

3. Love Monster by Rachel Bright

Love Monster follows a monster who doesn’t quite fit in, then finds someone he can be himself with. It’s a really cute look at friendship!

4. Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine by Herman Parish

This is a cute story about Amelia and the valentines she gives and receives on Valentine’s Day. It teaches creativity and making sure everyone gets a valentine.

5. Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This is a very unique book and I loved it! It talks about planting a kiss that later grows and spreads love forever. It’s adorable!

6. I Heart You by Meg Fleming

I’m a sucker for parent/child love books, and this one was no exception! It’s really short, but talks about the ways a parent shows love for their child by following various mother/child animal pairs. It’s super cute!

7. When an Elephant Falls in Love by Davide Cali

This book was ADORABLE! It talks all about falling in love, but I love that it focused on an elephant (who also appeared to be an adult elephant), rather than on a human child. This is a great book to teach kids about the feelings of having a crush or falling in love, without putting ideas into their heads about rushing out and getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Plus, the illustrations were too cute!

8. Peppa Pig and the I Love You Game

I’m not usually a fan of TV character based books, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was a cute story about the things–and people–we love!

9. Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie Friedman

This book shared the message that you can share love every day, not just on Valentine’s Day–a message I’m a huge fan of!

10. The Valentine Express by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

This story gives a brief background on the holiday, then shows how a pair of siblings decide to spread Valentine’s Day cheer to some lonely neighbors.

11. I Love You So… by Marianne Richmond

With my love of parent/child love books, I had to put another one on the list. They’re just my fave! This is another quick read to give your kids a glimpse at just how much you love them!

12. How to Mend a Heart by Sara Gillingham

This book uses a ripped stuffed toy to illustrate how to help someone who’s hurt. It’s really short and full of the cutest illustrations!

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day book?

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