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Tatiana from Love J&T is here today talking about when being a mom is tough. Come read what she has to say about having to be the “bad guy.”

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Hey everyone! My name is Tatiana from Love J and T and I am so excited to be on Color My Happy today to talk about motherhood! If you would like to hear more of my thoughts on motherhood, self-love, or design, you can check out my blog or follow me on Instagram! Britney also shared about when being a mom is tough so be sure to check out her post over on Love J and T!

Being a mom (or parent in general) is wonderful, beautiful, and incredibly fulfilling, but it can also be incredibly difficult. There are so many things that make being a mom tough, but today I want to talk about just one: having to be the “bad guy.” When you become a mom, you develop a love for your children that is unlike any love that you have ever felt before. You love your little person more than words can describe and you care so deeply about their happiness and well-being…and then you have to make them cry.

You have to hold down your kid while they get a shot, put them in time out while they glare at you, and you have to say no to their pleading while they look at you like you have betrayed them. There is so much joy and so many fun moments in motherhood like watching your child learn to walk, watching your child open a gift, and seeing the smile on their face when they get to eat a chocolate chip cookie. But not every moment of motherhood can be reading books together, cuddling, and going to Disneyland. Unfortunately, a large portion of day to day life as a mom is spent trying to coerce your children to go to bed, saying no to harmful requests, and stopping them from hurting themselves. Being a mom means looking out for your kid’s well-being at all times, including the times where they seem to want everything that is bad for them.

Between trying to make sure that they stay clean, get all of the nutrients that they need, learn to be kind to others, get enough sleep, avoid danger, and stay healthy, you have to be the “bad guy” a lot. No matter what age your kids are, there are going to be things that you do for their well-being that they won’t understand. It hurts to see the face of someone you love covered in tears, disappointment, anger, or betrayal. It hurts to hear your children cry, yell at you, and say that you are being mean. But seeing them smile, laugh, and sleep peacefully makes it all worth it. Having them come to you for comfort, cuddles, and love reminds you that you are doing a good job.

Taking care of all your child’s needs is so important, and sometimes that means that you have to be the “bad guy.” It can be really difficult and sometimes you might question if you are doing the right thing, but the work that you are doing matters. They may seem upset in the moment, or many moments after, in which you have to be the “bad guy,” but teaching them the important things in life and looking out for their every need with love doesn’t go completely unnoticed. Your children love you, and they probably even trust you, it just might not always feel that way. They appreciate and feel your unconditional love for them. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget the hugs and the thank yous and I love yous during the hard times. Hang in there and keep your chin up, mama. You are doing an amazing job.

A Pinterest pin for tips for moms when they have to be the \"bad guy\"

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